The Sun Has Set on QuestGarden

After 18 years of serving educators, QuestGarden has been retired. We're pleased to have helped over 200,000 teachers and future teachers create challenging lessons for countless students over the years.

About QuestGarden

QuestGarden was launched in 2005 by Bernie Dodge, Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University. The goal was to provide guidance for educators in creating WebQuests, a lesson format he developed in 1995. QuestGarden not only allowed code-free authoring, it hosted lessons on the web for free. Most QuestGarden users created their work within a 30-day free trial period and the site was incorporated into teacher education programs around the world.

While QuestGarden is gone, the WebQuest format is available for anyone to follow. Soon an updated version of the site will be available. It will contain templates, guides and research articles on the topic.