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The Wicked Witch is Dead by Nichole Fratoni, West Virginia University.

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The WebQuest model has been around since 1995 when I developed it for use in a course at San Diego State University. The goal then, and now, was to create lessons that make good use of the web, engage learners in applying higher level thinking to authentic problems, and use everyone's time well. Since that beginning, one of the ongoing challenges has been to make it faster and easier for teachers to do all these things. QuestGarden is the end result of those 22 years of effort.

— Bernie Dodge, PhD

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WebQuest groupIf you're looking for a way to go beyond rote learning and disengaged learners. this is the place for you. QuestGarden is useful for pre-service teachers, working teachers, and the professional developers and teacher educators who work with them. The lessons created on this site are available for use by educators everywhere. Instructors of courses and workshops can request that a group page be set up so that participants can give feedback to each other as they develop new WebQuests. A free 30-day trial of the lesson creation tools is available and a 1-year subscription that offers additional features costs only $9.95.

  • "QuestGarden is awesome! What an invaluable tool for teachers! The program is very easy to use. I especially liked the 'advice' tabs at the top of each section and the checkpoints." -- S. B.   • 
  • "I have had to create several lesson plans, unit plans and activities for different classes I have taken, but this is the first time I have been asked to create something that I will actually use! I love the whole concept of a WebQuest and I just know my students will be excited about it too." -- G.C.  • 
  • "Thank you for making the creation of a WebQuest so user friendly, fun and free. Thank you for using the internet for good, that of educating young minds who will be our future!" -- B.J.  • 
  • @kaleighface03 Whoever invented the WebQuest...should be shot. perhaps not literally...but at least a slap in the face..or something...  • 
  • "The site was easy to navigate. I never felt overwhelmed by the process and saw how it could be a great tool to use in my classroom eventually. THANK YOU." -- M.W.  • 
  • "I love your QuestGarden! I consider it a minor miracle for doing what it does." -- B.B.  • 
  • "Thank you for this wonderful website. This is my very first published webquest. I'm proud of it and it will aid my students in turning in a great final at the end of the year." -- J.C.  • 
  • "I just wanted to thank you all for having such a great website and giving me the opportunity to create a WebQuest. This is a fantastic idea that motivates students to research something in any subject. I hope to create more in the future. Again, thank you!" -- J.B