by Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University

Imagine that your local school is considering a shift to game-based learning both for students and for its staff. As a member of the parent advisory board, people are looking to you for advice about the wisdom of this move. What will you say?


The leadership at Dewey Hexadecimal High School has always tried to stay at the cutting edge of both technology and pedagogy. That's why you sent your daughter there. As an involved parent and generous professional, you became actively involved with the school's parent association right from the start. 

While DHHS does pretty well by most measures, there is room for improvement, and the school is more ready than most to try new approaches.  At the last meeting of the advisory board, the principal described with excitement the things she learned about game-based learning at a recent conference. Motivated students! Creative thinking! 21st century job skills! The sessions she attended pressed all the right buttons. 

Given your background, the members of the advisory board are looking to you to say something smart about this idea. What will you say?