by Jorie Quinn

This WebQuest focuses on the frogmen of World War II. During the WebQuest, the students will be required to work in teams to design and present a monument to Congress that will commemorate the effort of these brave men during World War II. This WebQuest is for high school students studying World War II.


For years, you have known that your dad served as a frogman in World War II. Last year, you went on a trip to France where your group visited the Normandy Beaches, site of the Battle of Normandy. After a conversation with the men at the museum on-site, you learned that your father was one of the men there that day in 1944. Although your father never spoke of his involvement, research led you to learn of his role in the battle. Filled with pride and respect, you asked him to share the events with you when you returned home. As he took your hand in his, he reluctantly began the story that led him to Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944. When he finished, you stared up into his tear-filled eyes looking for and finding solace and peace.

The events this man had lived through were heart-wrenching. Yet, there he sat before you, a man who appeared to be ten feet tall. As he closed his hand around yours again, he lifted you up, and you headed out into the backyard together. He continued his story and shared his sadness that no one had created a monument to commemorate the valiant efforts of the soldiers who served with him during the war. Determined to help him, you contacted the Director of the National Legislative Service for the VFW. After a short ride to Washington, D.C., you and your father stood in the Director’s office. You listened as your father shared his story once again. Days later, your father received a phone call asking him to be the voice of the frogmen as he became a member of the team to build a monument to commemorate the frogmen of World War II.