Phase 1 (define characters)

The first step is to define your characters. Choose 3 leaders from your decade. Consider leaders from other countries. Use a Circle Map  (sample- be sure to go to second tab- circle map) to define each. Each Circle Map should have 10-20 defining factors which can include pictures as well as written descriptions. A copy of your Circle Maps will be turned in for a grade.

Phase 2 (define events)

Next you will research important events during the decade. Before reseaching specifics, make a list of 10 major events, again, remember to think globally. Once you have 10 events, discuss which 3 events will be most interesting to talk about at the Dinner Party. Think about how the event impacted the way of life, and how it impacted people around the world. You need to turn in the 10 events for a grade.

Phase 3 (research events)

Use a Tree Map to categorize information about the 3 events. See sample to get started. Each subcategory (or event) should have 10-20 notes. You will use these notes to guide your conversation at the Dinner Party. You need to turn in a copy or your Tree Map for a grade.

Phase 4 (plan party)

Once you are finished researching the events, and you know your character well enough to become  him/her, it is time to connect with another group. Your decade group will be assigned to another decade group. Follow the steps below to ensure collaboration, and efficient use of time.

____ 1.  introduce your characters to each other- sit in a circle to share characteristics of the character, why you chose the person, why this person was important, and how you are going to represent the character (accents, costumes, mannersims...)

____ 2. share events- sit in a circle to describe the events-- try to TELL the story rather than reading the information from your Tree Map (this will give you practice for your performance-- the Dinner Party!) Each person should describe one event.

____ 3. determine which group will HOST the party (the setting should reflect the decade) and which group will ATTEND the party (this group will decide how/why they have time traveled-- will need to include this in intro.)

____ 4. break into 3 groups of 2 (one rep from each decade).

                One pair will write the script- be sure to get imput from other 
members as you write

                    One pair will prepare the props for dinner and gather materials for costumes

                    One pair will gather and save electronic props (ie images and/or video clips)

____ 5. practice, practice, practice- you do NOT need to memorize your lines-- instead, learn the information and have a conversation with each other. Learn how to prompt each other in case somebody gets stage fright.