The Scenario

Years ago on public television there was a program hosted by Steve Allen called "Meeting of Minds". Each week, actors portraying a number of characters from history would sit around a table and discuss a topic from each of their points of view. On a given show, you might find Socrates, Mark Twain, Churchill and Madame Curie discussing curiosity or poverty. It was an interesting show, one that deserves to be replicated.

Your task is to create a small scale version of the same thing. You will choose 3 important people from your assigned decade, research each so that you can easily take on the role of the people. Then you will research 1-3 events from the same decade. Finally, you will come together with a group from another decade to teach each other about the events of your decade. You will either HOST a dinner party or ATTEND a dinner party hosted by the other decade group.