by Erica Meiling, Evangel University

"Students in Space" is an interdisciplinary webquest program combining science, math, and English. NASA is funding a program called "Students in Space" which is allowing eighth grade students to visit a planet of their choice to do research. After being assigned a role in the mission (pilot, mission commander, and research expert), each person will be responsible for gathering as much data as possible pertaining to their role. After the mission is complete, NASA wants to know if the students were successful. The students must prepare and present their findings in front of the board of directors of NASA. They must include graphical representations of data and their findings, pictures, etc., as well as several written portions. This should be done using PowerPoint, Excel or a spreadsheet program, and Word.


Gathering information and data, understanding it, writing about it, and presenting it is an important part of† your future high school and college education, as well as your future job.†† Once you have completed the research on the Internet, you will be creating a presentation and then delivering it to the class as well as listening to other groupís presentations.††