To begin your work as a Director of Tourism, follow the steps below:

First, you will request information from the Chamber of Commerce for the city or region in Wisconsin you were assigned.  When you request information, use the Chamber's website.  This information will be very important in helping promote your community.  Ask your teacher for help in filling out the forms on the computer.

 Along with the information you get from the Chamber of Commerce, you will use the Internet and some different websites to research and answer the following questions:

Make sure you have answered each question fully before moving to the next step in the process:  your presentation!

After you've completed your research, create a PowerPoint presentation with at least seven slides -- one slide for each of the questions above.  You must include at least ONE picture on each slide.  

You will have three weeks to complete this project.  During the first week, you will answer the research questions about your city/area.  During the second two weeks, you will create the PowerPoint presentation using the information you found.

All Regions:

Lake Superior Lowlands
Superior, WI

Bayfield/Apostle Islands

Ashland, WI

Northern Highlands
Eagle River, WI

Hayward, WI

Rhinelander, WI

Central Plains

Wisconsin Dells

Western Uplands
La Crosse

Prairie du Chien


Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

Green Bay

Sturgeon Bay/Door County