Okay, now that all of your coaches have selected which role they want to play in this very important project, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get started.  Find the coaching duty you have signed up for below and follow each step in order to make your presentation one that insure the US Olympic committee will select your coaching staff.

First Thing to Do: Download the  Volleyball PowerPoint Template

If you have ever watched professional team sports on TV you may have noticed that teams often have a coaching staff, or a group of coaches that work together to make the team better.  Just like a professional coaching staff, your team will divide the roles needed to run a winning program.

There are four distinct roles for this project.  If you have four people, each person will choose one role.  If you have more than four people on your team, you can have two people assigned to the roles you feel are more challenging, and if you have less than four people, you will need some people to take on two or more roles.  Remember, the person (or people) assigned to a role need to do their best so the team has an award winning presentation.

Head Coach (HC):  This person is in charge of overseeing the project.  They are the “task master” and provide support for the rest of the team.  They make sure the project is moving along at a good pace, check the quality of the work, and will take the lead during the presentation.  The HC will research the history of volleyball and include important facts in the presentation.

Offensive Coach (OC):  This person is in charge of offensive skill development (set, spike and serve) and offensive strategies and court formations. 

Defensive Coach (DC): This person is in charge of defensive skill development (block, bump, and service return) and defensive strategies and court formations.

Technology Coordinator and Fitness Coach (TCFC):  This person is in charge of creating the PowerPoint the team will use to present their practice plan to the United States Olympic Committee.  The TCFC will also develop a workout plan to get the US womens’ volleyball team in gold winning shape that will include cardiovascular, muscular strength and flexibility activities.