by Katarina Milenkovic,

The goal of this task will be to explore the journey taken by three Aboriginal girls in the film directed by Phillip Noyce, called “Rabbit-Proof Fence”. This journey will be exposed through three different forms of writing, including journal entry, letter and newspaper article.

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed to encourage students to analyze the film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" in detail.  It is quite possible that most of the students have watched this film at some point in their life.  Thus, they might find it boring, in comparison to some other Hollywood films.  This film has a great historical value, and it should not be overlooked when teaching.  Thus, in order to encourage those less enthusiastic about this film, this webquest has been created. You should know that the goal of this wequest is to expose the realities that made Aboriginal life during the Assimilation.  This is done through an exposition and revision of three writing styles including journal writing, letter writing and newspaper article.