by Keva Dribben, Chollas Mead Elementary

Students are going to research what life was like in the Colonial Time and compare it to life as we know it today.



An evil antihistorian named Dr. Evil has created a machine that sucks all of the information out of all of the history books in every classroom and library around the world.  Luckily we have gotten most of them back with the help of other time travelers, but we are still missing a critical piece of our history, the Colonial Era.  Your teacher has informed us that you would be perfect time travelers because you have been studying this in school.

 Therefore we need your help!  In order to once again have our history back where it belongs, you need to risk your lives and travel back in time to get information about the 13 original colonies.  We need to know where these colonies were located and why, as well as the people responsible for creating the colonies.  What were their lives like back in those times?  What challenges did they face?  Were there any conflicts with the Native Americans who were living there before the colonists arrived and claimed the land as their own? 

This mission is very important, in order for our future generations to understand our past.  I am certain that you will come back unharmed.  May the force be with you!