by Jill Holguin, SDSU
Brittany Parsons, San Diego State University

This webquest allows students to interact with the political, economic, and geographic concepts of ancient Greece. It allows students to pretend that they are traveling in a time machine to ancient Greece. The students are asked to create maps, write a opinion paper, and research about jobs during this time period. This lesson should be used after teaching the major concepts of ancient Greece, relating to the California Social Studies Standards for Sixth Grade.

Teacher Introduction

Notes/Advise for Teachers                                          

*This webquest should be introduced to the students after they have learned about Ancient Greece in class.

*When deciding the groups, make sure that the students you assign to the groups will compliment each other, and groups diversified based on knowledge levels of the material.
     ~To ensure that all memebers of the group contribute, give a grading  sheet to each student, so that at the end of the webquest activities, the students will be able to grade their group members.  (This will force the students who may not participate, to get involved or their grade will suffer).

*When the students are in groups, walk around the classroom so that you can monitor student work, answer any questions the students might have, and help students who may struggle. 

Sources for Images found on This Webquest

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