by Sarah Noonan, University Of Minnesota Duluth

Wouldn't it be amazing to travel back in time and see what life was like in the early days of Canada? The times of canoe exploration, fur trading, and living off the land are rich parts of our Canadian heritage. Perhaps you would like to see what life was like through the eyes of an explorer or an aboriginal person? Your Quest will involve the exploration of Canada through the eyes of one of these early residents. You will examine land exploration, hunting, fur trading, food, culture, and everyday life as it relates to your specific roles.



Welcome to your first WebQuest adventure! In order to better understand our Canadian History you will embark an a discovery adventure back in the time of early Canada.

You and a partner will choose opposite assignment options (one student takes Option A - The Explorer and the other student takes Option B - The Canadian Aboriginal)

Part 1 includes using links to online articles you will read about a feature personality, either a European Explorer or an Aboriginal resident. Next you will analyze the information you've read by completing a Research Report in your diaries. 

Part 2 will involve using other website information to help draw an explorers map or a tribal flag.

For Part 3, you will create an Inspiration document based on the life and culture of your feature Canadian.  You will learn about language, art, occupations, land, culture, and life for explorers and aboriginals in early Canada.

Lastly, you will discuss all the information you discovered and share all the projects you created with your partner.