by Sarah Noonan, University Of Minnesota Duluth

Wouldn't it be amazing to travel back in time and see what life was like in the early days of Canada? The times of canoe exploration, fur trading, and living off the land are rich parts of our Canadian heritage. Perhaps you would like to see what life was like through the eyes of an explorer or an aboriginal person? Your Quest will involve the exploration of Canada through the eyes of one of these early residents. You will examine land exploration, hunting, fur trading, food, culture, and everyday life as it relates to your specific roles.

Teacher Introduction

This is a great lesson plan to engage Grade 7 students into an interesting History assignment.  Students will complete a series of tasks including reading, analyzing, question answering, additional research, drawing, and the creation of an Inspiration assignment. Lastly, students will join together with their partner and share what they've discovered.

The readings entail information on the exploration and settlement days of Canada.  This is a fun way for students to accomplish a wide range of skills and cover a lot of course material. It correlates great with the Ontario Curriculum for Grade 7 History requirements.

Language, art, occupations, exploration, and culture of early Canada will be explored and reflected upon by students.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Students will achieve a variety Bloom's competency levels through the different WebQuest assignments. Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, and Analysis will be acquire through the following tasks: reading the assigned text, list and define answers, summarize and describe roles, apply and illustrate cultural differences by drawing a map or flag, analyze and arrange lifestyles using Inspiration.