First open Microsoft Word and write your name, date, and title.  The title of this project is called "The Mixed Up Files Hunt".

Now you will read the directions in each step.  Each step will have a direct website link you need to visit in order to find an object.  Right click on the link and choose to open it in a new page. When you are done with the website you may close it and return to "The Hunt" page.

Good Luck!!!


1).  Find a picture of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and place it in your word processor document.

2).  While you’re at the Met, visit the Arms and Armor collection and select a piece of armor that Claudia and Jamie might have seen in the museum. Add it to your file and type three sentences describing it.

3).  Find a picture of Michelangelo and add it to your file. Type his full name below his picture.

4).  Michelangelo’s statue played an important role. Find a picture of a Michelangelo statue and paste it in your file. Type the name of the statue, too.

5).  Where is the Angel statue? I think this is a frequently asked question, don’t you? Summarize the information you find and answer in complete sentences in your file.

6).  Claudia left her violin case in a sarcophagus without a lid. Find a picture of a mummy or Egyptian sarcophagus and paste it in your file. Label what it is.

7).  The Sistine Chapel was the most challenging work of Michelangelo’s life. How long did he take to paint it and where is it? Type your answers. Look at the pictures of the ceiling and choose one to add to your file.

8).  Jamie earned his travelling money by cheating at the card game War. Find a Web site that has the rules for playing War and add the rules to your file.

9).  Claudia chose to visit New York City. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Write two reasons why in your file and add a picture.

10).  Find out more about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also called The Met.

How many pieces of art does the museum have?                           

How large is the Met?

How many people visit the Met each year?