by Megan Mueller, LeMoyne College

As a prereading activity, students will conduct research on William Shakespeare, his life and times, in order to create a newletter about the play Romeo and Juliet.


This month we are going to be reading William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, one of his best and well-known tragedies. Since this is the first time you've ever read Shakespeare, we first need to gain some background knowledge, and what better place to find information than on the web? You are going to browse the sites that I've listed, and use the information you learn to create a newspaper that would have appeared during Shakespeare's time.

You are a newspaper reporter assigned to review the current production of the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. The Auburn Drama Weekly has asked Ms. Mueller’s ninth grade class to write a newspaper article about the play. Prizes will be awarded for the best article and most creative newspaper. You will work in groups to create a two-page newspaper. You will write one feature article, and one or more of the following: secondary articles, advertisements, cartoons, coupons, crossword puzzles, review of the play, and pictures. Good luck!