by Anna Camacho, Hilltop High School

This WebQuest will allow students to apply their mathematics and physics knowledge using research information, measurements, and design to create and build a roller coaster model that proves to work when tested out with a mouse ball. Students are to research through the internet to find best materials, design, examples, video clips and activities that involve the concepts of how a roller coaster works.


      How many times have you visited an amusement park and thought to your self, "That ride was awesome but I would have changed.....?"  The nearest roller coaster amusement park to San Diego County is Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California which is 155 miles from San Diego (about 2 hrs. 40 min.). Lets say the city of San Diego has decided to buy 260 acres of land in order to help benefit the city's financial situation. It will have an increase in consumer spending and attract tourist, locals and individuals all over the nation. Therefore, you will use your mathematical and physics knowledge to successfully be part of the completion of this project, where you will be designing and constructing a roller coaster.  

  Completed Amusement Park Floor Plan  

 Site Under Construction