by Robbie Chasse

This WebQuest will lead the students in the analysis of polynomial functions and their graphs. They will develop a better sense of how the polynomial functions relate to the real world. The students will build a no lid box with one piece of cardboard with the greatest volume.


Polynomial functions are a powerful tool that can help people make decisions every day. These functions can also help you design amazing monuments or build bridges for people to drive and walk across. You could even analyze for the FBI or create estimations of the future weather patterns. As an environmentalist is it important not to waste material as well as getting as much out of the product as possible. You are being commissioned to develop a cardboard box, with no lid, that has the most volume. The problem is that the machine that produces the cardboard box has not been programed yet with a polynomial function for the sample size of cardboard you have in stock. It is up to you to conserve the material and create a box with no lid with the most possible amount of volume.