by Jennifer Brown, Milford High School

When I tell my sophomores, "It's a book about the Vietnam War," they reply with, "Can we watch Forrest Gump?" It's been my experience that our American History classes have so much to cover in such a short time that the students only get a couple of days on Vietnam. The students are curious - they've heard about the draft and the anti-war protests and the 60s - but that's about it. This webquest is designed to give the students a better understanding of the Vietnam War before reading The Things They Carried.


Two things have just happened: you and your group members are now siblings and you have been transported to the 1960s.  Each member of the family has a different role with regard to the conflict in Vietnam.  One is a newspaper journalist covering the war from Vietnam, another is a soldier fighting on the front line, another is an anti-war activist protesting America's involvement in the conflict, and finally another is a Presidential Advisor guiding our Commander-in-Chief in policy making decisions.

Regardless of your role or your feelings about your siblings' roles, you are still a good son/daughter, and you have sent your mother letters and articles to keep her informed.  Your mom, like any good mother, is proud of all her children and has compiled a scrapbook of her children's writings.  For this assignment, you will create Mom's Vietnam scrapbook.