1.  I will assign you into groups of four.  You must first familarize yourself with the Vietnam War.  As a group, review the following links:

Vietnam Video

Background on Vietnam War

The Sixties - War and Peace

The People


The Vietcong 


2.  Once you review the background material, you must decide which role each family member will take.  Read the information under your role.  These instuctions include a detailed description of your task as well as links to information you may find helpful in establishing a better understanding of your character's role.  You may also want to check out the links connected with other siblings' roles to get a more complete understanding of the era.




Newspaper Journalist

You are covering the War in Vietnam.  You will choose two battles and write historically accurate news articles about each.  Each article should look like a newspaper article.  Each should cover the who, what, when, where, why and hows of your battle, each article should include at least one quote from a participant in the battle (this could be invented by you, but it must be grounded in the actual events), and each article should be approximately 250 words.  Remember, you are a newsreporter, you should remain unbias. 

Khe Sahn

My Lai Massacre

Tet Offensive

More Battles


You will write three letters to mom.  Your letters should include information on a soldier's daily life - what you wore, what you ate, what you carried, what accronyms you used, what your daily tasks were, and what your feelings were about your situation.  You could be a drafted or enlisted soldier.  You can also write one letter upon your return home from the war.  The letters  should be approximately 150 words each.

In the Trenches

First Hand Account

John Kerry

Politicians Discussing Time in Vietnam

Soldiers Discussing Protest

The Draft


The Anti-War Activist

You will create a flier for your next anti-war rally.  You should include guest speakers (these should be famous anti-war protesters) and brief biographies for each speaker.  You must also include an explication of one of your favorite anti-war song.  The explication should paraphrase each stanza of the poem, it should identify at least five literary devices the poet uses and it should explain to mom the  poet's message and why you like this song.  The explication should be approximately 300 words.

The Anti-War Movement

Anti-War Songs

Vietnam Protests

The Presidential Advisor

You will write two memos in which you advise the President on strategy in Vietnam.  You may advise two different Presidents, but the information you provide to each President must be historically accurate.  You should include public opinion and information on the President's feelings about the war.  Each memo should be approximately 250 words.

Johnson's Plan

Nixon's Plan for Vietnam


3. Once each member of the family has sent his information to mom, you will work as a group to create mom's scrapbook.  Creativity counts, so adding extras to mom's scrapbook - such as pictures - can help your grade.

4.  Finally, as a group, create a 250 words introduction to the scrapbook.  You should assume mom's persona for this piece of writing, and you should reflect on the Vietnam era.  You should include major event (that your children did or did not write about) and your overall feelings about the war and your children's roles in it. 


More Statistics

Even More Statistics