by Lynn Bigbie, Georgia Southern Unversity

This webquest is designed to increase your knowledge of Global Warming and what we can do to help stop it.



Imagine if some of the following scenarios were to come true:

·         50 million people worldwide will be displaced by 2010 because of rising sea levels

·         Eventually it will be about 200 degrees in summers and 100 in winters and in about 300 years the world will get hot to the point it will blow up...

·         Low lying land like many Pacific Islands and Miami will be under water.

·         Rain and drought patterns across the world could change, hurricanes could become more frequent.

·         An increase in the number of people exposed to vector borne diseases (e.g. cholera) and an increase in heat stress mortality.

Or what about these scenarios?

While some believe that global warming will cause catastrophic, human-eradicating change to our planet, others believe that it is just a warmer day with a lower electricity bill. What do you believe?

The Question:
What effect does global warming have on individuals, communities, and societies and what are some ways to circumvent those effects?