1. Examine the links provided below to gain some basic knowledge of the effects of global warming.  Jot down your first impressions.  Be sure to write down the sources from which you took information.

2. Choose 2 or 3 other students with whom you will work to complete the global warming project.

3. With your group, choose to produce a power point presentation, a pamphlet, or a glog that addresses the statements on the task page.  Assign each member of your group a role:reporter or graphic designer or a task:causes or effects.

4. Research your assigned task. Record bibliographic information for all sites used.

5. As a group, compile and organize all contributions to create your power point presentation, pamphlet, or glog.

Be sure to follow the rubric on the evaluation page to be sure your work and final project meet the required criteria upon which you will be graded.

Web Resources:  

UGA Global Warming


Environment Georgia Global Warming


Global Warming and Georgia


Global Warming information


All About Global Warming