Coin Photo:


Native American man photo:

Native American Language: 

Native American pottery:

Native American Food picture:

Native American Round House:

Native American Trail of Tears Map:

Native American Trail of Tears Battle: 


Process 1:

Native American Clothes picture:

Native American Arts picture:

Native American Crafts picture:

Native American house picture:http: //

Native American Language chart: 

Process 2:

Catawba Group Photo:

Introduction to the Catawba Tribe:

Catawba History:

Catawba Housing:

Catawba Language:

Catawba Animal Words:

Catawba Body Parts Words:

Native American Clothing:

Native American Arts:

Native American Crafts:

Tuscarora Chief Photo:

Introduction to the Tuscarora Tribe:

Tuscarora History:

Tuscarora Housing:

Tuscarora Language:

Tuscarora Pronunciation:

Tuscarora Animal Words:

Tuscarora Color Words:

Creek Native Photo:

Introduction to the Creek Tribe:

Creek History:

Creek Housing:

Creek Language:

Creek Animal Words:

Creek Color Words:

Creek Body Part Words:

Cherokee man picture:

Cherokee History: 

Cherokee Language:

Cherokee Animal Words:

Cherokee Color Words:

Cherokee Body Part Words:

Lumbee Picture:

Lumbee History:

Lumbee Language:

Lumbee Logo:

Lumbee Animal Words:

Lumbee Color Words:

Lumbee Body Part Words:

Dream Catcher Picture:


Process 3:




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