by Amy Canterbury, Appalachian State University

Teacher Introduction


Fourth Grade

Topic: Native Americans

Social Studies:

Competency Goal 2 The learner will examine the importance of the role of ethnic groups and examine the multiple roles they have played in the development of North Carolina.

2.01 Locate and describe American Indians in North Carolina, past and present.

2.03 Describe the similarities and differences among people of North Carolina, past and present.

2.04 Describe how different ethnic groups have influenced culture, customs and history of North Carolina.

Competency Goal 5 The learner will examine the impact of various cultural groups on North Carolina.

5.02 Describe traditional art, music, and craft forms in North Carolina.

Language Arts:

5.01 Use correct capitalization (e.g., names of languages, nationalities,
musical compositions) and punctuation (e.g., commas in a series, commas in
direct address, commas and quotation marks in dialogue, apostrophes in

5.02 Demonstrate understanding in speaking and writing by appropriate
usage of:

5.03 Elaborate information and ideas in writing and speaking by using:

5.04 Compose multiple paragraphs with:

Students will learn about Native Americans in North Carolina. The Native Americans tribes discussed in the WebQuest are called Catawba, Cherokee, Lumbee, Tuscarora, Waccamaw, and Creek. Students will learn about the location, food, arts, crafts, housing, culture, and language of each Native American tribe.