by Hana Lohorn, SDSU Credential Program

This Webquest asks students to create a time capsule as a character from the book Holes by Louis Sachar. After creating an individual character's time capsule, the students will create time capsules (individually or in groups) about the historic settings in the book (1800s Latvia and 1800s Wild West).



This Webquest will help you to “get into character” and learn more about the history behind the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. There are many characters in the story. There are modern day characters, like Stanley and his family. There are also all the characters at Camp Green Lake: Zero, Magnet, Armpit, X-ray, Squid, ZigZag, Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendanski, and The Warden.

The book also includes many different time periods with different characters.

In the late 1800s of Green Lake, Texas there are the characters of Katherine Barlow (later turned Kissin’ Kate Barlow) and Sam.

In the late 1800s in Latvia, there are the characters of Elya Yelnats (Stanley’s great-great grandfather) and Madame Zeroni.

Even though the novel deals with many different characters from different time periods and different places, somehow, the characters’ lives are connected by both fate and chance.

In this Webquest you will better understand a character and what is important to him or her, as well as learn more about what was important during the times of the Wild West and Latvia over 100 years ago.