Step 1

Begin by viewing the dolch word list powerpoints.  Look at one each day. If you do not know 5 or more words- do it again.

Pre-primer List                     Primer List                     First Grade List   


Step 2

Go to Sight Words with Samson to practice reading and spelling sight words.  Work with lists on level 1 and level 2.  Click here to go.


Step 3

Practice reading and recognizing sight words by playing games.  Click games to play.




Step  4

View and print Dolch 95 most common nouns.  Practice reading nouns to a buddy.

Read complete sentences with Dolch sight words and nouns.  When you can read most of them, print activity and work with a buddy to finish it.


Step 5

Practice making complete sentences with sight words.  Use sight words to make 10 complete sentences.



Step 6

 View sight word stories to see how you can make a book.





Step 7

 Watch video (click on play arrow) and read along with sight word story Why Can’t I Fly.

Click to read and print "Why Can't I Fly".  Practice reading the story fluently.


Practice our weekly reading Fluency passages.

week 1   week 2   week 3   week 4


Step 8

View sight word readers and use the pen tool to color the sight words in the story.

Week 1   Week 2   Week 3

Week 4- create your own sight word book.  Use at least 10 sight words in complete sentences and draw pictures to go with your story.  Look at the anchor paper to see a 4 star book.