by Jeremy Combs, Lumpkin County Middle School

This WebQuest allows students to research, compile, analyze, and interpret data, then produce an advertisement brochure and an oral presentation using data that they have collected.


You climb into the small plastic seat and adjust the seat belt.  The harness glides down across your chest and lap with a mechanical click.  Your heart races with anticipation.  Through speakers located all around the platform the announcement is made, the ride is beginning.  Slowly, the long string of cars begins to move.  They come out of the tunnel and begin to ascend the giant slope in front of you.  You reach the top, there is a momentary pause--Then WHOOSH!  You are plunged into pure adrenaline and excitement as the roller coaster makes its way through a series of twists, turns, and loops.



What makes going to a theme park fun?  Most people would agree that the thrill of riding roller coasters is what makes it truly exciting!  During this WebQuest, you and your partner, will explore the tallest, fastest, and most thrilling rides at the best theme parks in the world.  Have fun!