Identify Three Creatures that live in the ocean.

Answer these questions for each of the three creates:

How would you categorize the create? (fish, mammal, crustacean)

Where does it live? (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, in tropical waters?)

What does it eat?

What are the features of your creature?

Is it a carnivore? ( does it eat other animals in the sea or does it eat plant life in the ocean?)

 Here are some suggested sites to use for your research:  (under habitats, click on ocean)  (on the right side click on choose and animal to learn about other animals in the sea)  (scroll below the worksheets until u see the different animals click on the ones youre interested in learning more about)


Compare and contrast the three creatures you have chosen.

Suggested comparisons:

Do they eat the same types of food?

Do they live in the same ocean or environment?

Are their eating habits the same? (eat other animals or plants?)




Use the information you have found to create a poster board to hang in the classroom to share and teach your classmates about the animals you have chosen.