by Sara Blocker, Newton Rayzor Elementary

This WebQuest was designed for a 2nd grade class studying habitats; particularly tropical rainforests. Pairs of students will explore the wonders of tropical rainforests and keep a journal of their discoveries along the way. After completing their journeys through the tropical rainforest, students will create dioramas showcasing a typical tropical rainforest habitat.


Do you ever wonder if there is a place where life is very different from your life now? A place with no roads, cars, stores, or even homes like yours? Well... THERE IS! It's a hot, humid (sticky), tree-filled habitat that's full of unique animals and plants! Can you guess which habitat I'm thinking of? Discuss with your partner and see if you can guess by looking at this picture... 

If you guessed the rainforest, you're right! There are actually two types of rainforests. Some are temperate rainforests, while others are tropical rainforests. 

Over the next few days, you and you're travel buddy will go on an awesome adventure through the tropical rainforest habitat! As you explore the tropical rainforest, you and your travel buddy will want to write about and even draw pictures of the things you find along the way, so don't forget your travel journal that you'll find in the Process part of this WebQuest!  

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