by Davida Kissel

AIM: The " Multiple Intelligences and Preschool Lesson Plans" curriculum web helps students in Child Development I. gain an understanding of Howard Gardner's theory and how to incoporate his theory in a preschool setting.


In Multiple Intelligences and Preschool Lesson Plans WebQuest, students will be investigating Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and how schools and teachers can foster a child's learning by being aware of the child's intelligence.   They will achieve this by researching  Howard Gardner's theory on the Web and taking part in the multiple intelligences exam.  Students will also take the information that they gained and apply it to creating a lesson plan that will be taught in a preschool setting.

Students will gain an understanding of which multiple intelligence they posses, and how diverse their class is in possessing the various multiple intelligences.  They will take a test online and then chart the results to gain a better understanding of the diversity in their classroom.

Throughout this WebQuest  Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences will be refereed to as MI.



 This WebQuest provides students with the opportunity to learn about the theorist Howard Gardner in a way that will reach a variety of learning styles. They will have access to webcast, charts, books, and the opportunity to use their own creativity.  In order for students to be able to apply Howard Gardner's theory they must have a strong understanding of MI, therefore they need to research his eight different intelligences.  Once the students have an understanding of Howard Gardner's MI theory they need to apply what they have learned to a real life situation.  The best way for students to learn and truly understand something is to be able to experience it first hand. Students taking Child Development I. will take the lesson plans they develop and actually use them in the child development lab.  This gives them a chance to actually take what they have learned and apply it. They will also become aware of the difficulties educators face when teaching students with varying levels of abilities and learning styles.  The students will understand that a classroom teacher must take several things into account when working with children. They will gain an appreciation and respect for educators and what they put into planning a lesson plan for a classroom filled with varying degrees of multiples intelligences.