by Molly Fitzke, EdD, MSN, RN, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Past historical events of Community Health and Community Health Nursing have influenced how health care is delivered in the community and at the present time. Students will act as historians and learn about the greatest nurses in history that contributed to building organizations and providing services to improve the health of the public. This WebQuest will have students/historians create a descriptive time line and supportive evidence regarding different historical events and key influencing nurses in community health. This information will be utilized to provide a useful resource and study guide for chapter 2. Utimately, you will explore the past, lead us into the future, and guide your daily decisions by helping others.


Our History...


  Federal responsibilities for health care was limited until the 1930's, the Great Depression, which brought the need for local community care. However, let's go further back into the late 1800s, where evidence points to health efforts that not only focused on environmental conditions, but also communicable diseases, health education, caretaker of the ill, disease and disability prevention. The historical events on community health and community health nursing influenced present day health care.


1. Integrate community historical events that have influenced how health care was     delivered in the past and present time.

2. Apply the contributions of Florence Nightingale, Lillian Wald, and Mary Breckinridge to establishing the foundation of community health nursing on a descriptive time line (Click on all purple hyperlinks).

3. Utilize the effects of the development of community health nursing by incorporating this information into time line, which has accounted for professional nursing organizations and visiting nurses. 

4. Access and submit required assignment from Web Quest.

5. Evaluate Web Quest utilizing evaluation tab with submitted rubric.