by Jessica Woodside, USQ

The purpose of this webquest is to teach and engrain basic maths using money. The webquest will go on to teach a valuable life lesson... the value of a dollar.


Money is everywhere it is what buys the food in your fridge; pays for your school books; the furniture in your house and what is exchanged for the fuel in your family car. In a group talk about what else money pays for and where you think money comes from.

If your group has decided that money comes from a bank you are only partly correct. Money is only stored at a bank. Money is produced in a mint. Where does your family's money come from? Money is earned through work, if there is a person in your house who has a job or career they are earning money.   

Maquarie Dictionary defines currency as: that which is current as a medium of exchange; the money in actual use. Money is different to currency as above defines currency is the use of money therefor currency is a verb (a doing word) and money is the physical coins and notes, money is a noun.  


In Australia we have dollars and cents. Our money looks like this: