by Tommy Lister, APU

This WebQuest will guide fourth graders through the history and significance of the California Gold Rush. Using eye-witness accounts and historical documents, students will uncover the people and events that helped shape California to become... The Golden State. Students will research and theorize what truly was California's gold as they build up their own story, and make it rich in California's history.


Greetings Fourth-Grade-49er!

You are a fourth grade student from New York City. You have decided that city life just isn't your cup of tea (you just plain don't like it ). So you have decided that you will head out west to stake it rich in California's rich countryside. But is gold your aim? Or will you take advantage of some of California's other resources. You have plenty of choices ahead of you that may be dangerous and risky! Are you up for the challenge?

How will you make your impression on California's history?