by Ouiza Weber, Sunrise Moutain High School

This WebQuest will allow high school students to explore various career pathways and start setting up long term goals. Students will be asked to analyze their personal interests and values and identify potential career fields they might like. Students will also use the "Reality Check" program to identify careers that might support the lifestyle they desire to have in the future.


Hello student,

This year, you will need to build your educational plan in which you will need to list the classes that you plan on taking for the rest of your high school career. 

Choose wisely as your course selection will determine whether or not your high school experience will be a positive one that will help you bridge successfully into the rest of your life. 

The best way to plan your academic pathway is to start thinking about your likes and dislikes.  What are your strengths?  What do you enjoy doing?  The answer to these questions can help you identify career fields in which you might be interested. 

This lesson will guide you through the process of career exploration.  I am hoping you will learn as much about yourself in this lesson as you will about different careers and possibilities.  You will also create your own resume, a must-have for any first job or internship opportunity!

Are you ready to start?