by Robert Jansen, Dallastown High School

Students will be researching the various characteristics of quadrilaterals to compare and contrast the shapes and make distinctions on what shape is being described.


Who Done It?

A quadrilateral is defined as any four sided polygon.  In this webquest you will need to catch some quadrilaterals in a crime spree that has hit polygon land.  The clues will help you determine which quadrilateral is guilty of the crimes described.

At the end of this webquest you will write a paragraph for each crime, describing why the specific polygon is guilty.  The conclusion section includes instructions for a fourth paragraph creating your own crime. 

For this assignment you will be completing 4 paragraphs in a Word document giving the solutions to 3 different crimes and a 4th crime of your own.  These 4 paragraphs will be submitted in the chapter 5 block of my moodle