First, watch the videos about various types of quadrilaterals and explore the websites provided to get an understanding of the difference between the types of quadrilaterals.

Then read each of the crime descriptions and interviews given after the crime.  Each of the pages contains enough information to find the culprit  the websites below will give some insight on the characteristics of each of the suspects. 

Once the crimes are solved, you will need to go to the course moodle page and submit word document with a one paragraph description of your solution to each crime.  In this solution explain why you chose the guilty suspect, and why you eliminated the other suspects.  The paragraph should explain what evidence was given to eliminate the innocent quadrilaterals.  You may also include illustrations to help your explaination.  The link for the assignments can be found in the chapter 5 block.  There is also a link for a forum in which students can discuss issues they are having or ask questions they have about the assignment

The suspects: