This unit is a Webquest exploring Photojournalism.

In groups of two or three, you will create a PowerPoint presentation upon exploration of the world of photojournalism utilizing the URLs provided for examination in the Webquest.

This will include:

1.   what photojournalism is.

2.   the history of photojournalism.

3.   choosing a famous photojournalists such as Gordon Parks for further examination.

4.   Photojournalism institutions such as Time Life and National Geographic.


For the final leg of this journey into photojournalism, you will create your own photo essay in PowerPoint or create a U-Tube Video.

1.   You will present your Power Point or U-Tube presentations to the class.

2.   You will evaluate each other's projects.



Getting Started in Photojournalism

Start Here for resources for everything you will need to complete your assignment.

Resources on Photo Journalism and Photojournalists:


What is Photojournalism?

job market for photojournalism

Examples of Photo essays/John Meyers

150 years of photojournalism

California museum of photography

Time Life

What is a Photo Essay?

tips for creating a photo essay

Examples of Photo Essays

Time Life Photo Essays

Photo essays form Herman Krieger

 Before starting your assignment you will need to organize your project in the form of an outline or story board.

Preparation help:

Presentation Storyboarding

Storyboarding, Why do a Storyboard?

Josh Sheppard,This site showcases my storyboard work in Feature Films and TV

List of Photojournalists for PowerPoint Presentation

List of photojournalists

Famous photographs

Gordon Parks

Dorothea Lange



Photography 1


Part 1

PowerPoint Instructions for Photojournalism Exploration (2 or 3 people per group)

Slides for PPT

1. Title Page

a. Title of presentation

b. Your Names

2. Describe Photojournalism in your own words

3. Photojournalism topics with examples

4. My Photojournalist

5. Short Biography (Each group needs to pick someone different)

6 – 11. Examples of the photograpers work with captions

12. References/Bibliography

Part 2

Photo Essay

You will choose a topic for a photo essay

You will create a story board for approval

You will need an introduction to your photo essay explaining your topic

Your photo essay will have a minimum of 10 pictures organized in a PowerPoint presentation or short U-tube video. You will need to provide captions and narrative for each of your photographs, including an introduction decribing the purpose of your essay choice.

I would like to post this projects to the class webpage. Do work that you would not be ashamed for others to see.

Part 3

Class presentation and evaluation

 You will evaluate each other's presentations using the grading rubric