by Barbara Sommers, Center Middle School

Students, you will learn about the steps of the scientific method, so you can create an easily understandable teaching tool to teach aliens from another planet how we solve basic scientific problems.


You are sitting in your science classroom when you hear a very loud, high-pitched sound that appears to be traveling across the sky.  Suddenly, there is an enormous crash outside.  Car alarms go off, dogs bark, and the whole classroom shakes.


You wonder if the big earthquake has finally struck California, but the ceiling isn't coming apart, so you suspect it is something else.


Your teacher peeks her head out the door to see what is happening, and a greenish glow mingles in with the light outside.  A look of astonishment and fear appears on her face, and she quickly steps aside as three alien beings enter the classroom.


They seem friendly enough and appear to speak and understand English a little.

They explain that they have been observing the way Earthlings solve problems, particularly in science, and would like this class to teach them the scientific method.

The aliens continue to explain that their observations have led them to approach students for help because kids are easier to talk to than adults.  Adults would want to capture them.


There is a limited amount of time because when word gets out that aliens have landed, the news helicopters, policemen, SWAT team, firemen, paramedics, and other authorities will begin to arrive, so you must hurry. 

Your job is to learn enough about the steps of the scientific method to be able to create a simple teaching tool that the aliens can take back with them to their planet.