Before you can create a teaching tool to pass along to the aliens, you must review the steps in the scientific method.

As a team, watch all of the following videos and work with the interactive scientific method lab.  The recorder writes down the notes, the other team members help find the essential facts.  Print out this note-taking paper to keep track of important information.

Print out this worksheet to use as a guide for the type of information you need to take notes about.  Help the recorder complete the worksheet after watching and interacting with the links.  The worksheet is due for a grade and will help you create your final project.

You may pause the clips when you need to write something down.

Dr. Tiffani Chin


Take notes!  Do not worry about the astronomy section of this interactive lab.

Interactive Scientific Method Lab

Here is another one!  Take notes!

Dr. D.


All team members need to test their knowledge before continuing on.

The Scientific Method Quiz

Record how each team member scored in the proper spaces on the worksheet.

Try this, too.  You do not need to record your scores on this one.

Place the Steps in Order

Now look at your notes and complete the worksheet together.  Be neat and use correct grammar because it affects your score!

You are off to a great start!  Hurry!  Stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Next Step:

Plan a simple teaching tool for the scientific method.


Now that the worksheet is completed, look at your choices of teaching tools and decide what your group wants to create.

                                PowerPoint Presentation     

Comic Strip                      Storyboard    

                     Flash Cards                                   Poster    

       Brochure                             Folded Paper      

                      Mobile            Other choices include a skit, video, or song.

Remember that the creatures you are teaching speak very little English.


You must clearly explain the following:

1.  What the scientific method is

2.  The steps of the scientific method

3.  What hypothesis, variable, control, and inference mean

3.  The essential characteristics of a good experiment

4.   Why scientists work this way

Your teaching tool must be easy to understand.


Next step:  Draw up a blueprint for your teaching tool.

Now that you have decided on the teaching tool your group will create to teach the aliens about the scientific method, complete the following form.  Do a good job because this is your blueprint, or guideline, for creating your tool.


Next step:  Create your final project!



Gather the materials you need for your project and work together as a team to complete a professional-looking product that you are proud to use as you teach others the scientific method.

Stay focused on the task! 

Ask your teacher when the teaching tool is due.




Hopefully, it is soon because you hear a helicopter in the distance!