Let's Start Exploring the Habitats!

To begin your research, make sure you have your data sheets from the teacher. Scroll down to the habitat and click on the links below the pictures. These will help you to answer the questions on your data sheets. 

For each habitat, please answer the questions on the data sheet. Remember have fun while learning about these amazing places!

Project 1: Habitat

Project 2: Animals in the Habitat

Project 3: Plants in the Habitat

Project 4: Weather in the Habitat


                                                        Tundra (Arctic)



Animals:  Tundra Animals

Plants:     Tundra Plants  More Tundra Plants

Weather: Tundra Weather





Animals: Rainforest Animals

Plants: Rainforest plants

Weather: Rainforest weather





Animals: Ocean Animals

Plants: Seaweed, Seagrass, Coral

Weather: Extra Credit Can you figure out the weather in the ocean?





Animals: Desert animals

Plants: Desert plants

Weather: Desert weather





Animals: Grassland animals, more grassland animals

Plants: Grassland plants

Weather: Grassland weather





Animals:  Forest animals

Plants: Forest plants

Weather: Forest weather

Now that you have explored habitats from around the world, let's think about what you have learned. Here are the Data Sheets for you write down what amazing things you have learned.


                                                            Name: ______________________


                                   Habitat Data Sheet

1.  Write the name of the habitat.


2.  Define the habitat. (Example: A lake is smaller than an ocean, but bigger than a pond).



3.         List 5 things that make the habitat special.  1._______________________________________





                                                             Name: _______________________

                                     Animal Data Sheet

1. Write the name of the animal you like most from this habitat. ____________________________________

2. What does the animal look like? (size, color, type of skin covering). ____________________________________________________________



3. What does the animal eat? ____________________________________________________________



4. Is the animal a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore? _____________________________________________

5. Why do you think the animal lives in this habitat? ____________________________________________________________



                                                      Name: _______________________

                                        Plant Data Sheet

1. Write the name of the plant that you like most from the habitat. ____________________________________________

2. List two things that are help the plant live in the habitat.    

1.___________________________________________   2.___________________________________________

3. Where would you find the plant in the habitat? ________________________________________________________



                                               Name: _________________________

                     Weather Data Sheet

1. What is the temperature like in the habitat?  ____________________________________________________________



2. What is the rainfall or snow totals for the year? ____________________________________________________________



3. Are there any kind of seasons in the habitat? ___________________________________________________________




Are you ready to create your own Safari Guide?

By using the data sheets, pictures of each animal and plant from all the habitats, create your Safari Guide.

Each page of the guide will be on one habitat. You will have a 6 page Safari guide.

Be creative, have fun!!!!