by Ericka Hymas, Dixie State College

Students will pack their own "culture trunk" as they learn more about the cultural contributions found in their community.

Teacher Introduction

The different and varied cultures represented in each classroom provide an opportunity for students to learn about others and themselves. Targeting specific cultures represented in individual classrooms validates student’s backgrounds and gives them a chance to understand and appreciate one another. When teaching about cultures it is important to be sensitive and not to stereotype. Use your culture trunk to compile information and artifacts of the cultures you want to represent. Let the diversity of your class guide your decisions and discussions. It is important to integrate discussion about appreciating, valuing, and respecting differences of cultures.

During this lesson the teacher will need to have a bulletin board featuring continents of the world. Each continent will have a string connecting that part of the world to their community in North America. Students will be asked to place different cultural items/ pictures/words on the corresponding continents. Teachers may want to review the terms culture and community before beginning the lesson.