by Jessica Gonsalves, Azusa Pacific University

This Webquest takes an inside look at the early explorers of the Americas. Students will choose an early explorer and conduct research on that explorer in order to understand their goals/aims, struggles, and accomplishments during exploration of the Americas. The end result will be a completed journal with entries from the point of view of the early explorer and a presentation given to the class to share the new information each student found.





What if you were alive during the discovery of America? How would you like to be one of the early explorers that set out to find new land and discover new territory? 

This Webquest takes an inside look at the early explorers of the Americas. You will select and research the life of one of the early explorers, as well as creating a mock journal for that explorer. Through this study you will learn the different characteristics that the early explorers possessed, what technological developments made their travels possible, the key obstacles, aims, and accomplishments of the early explorers, the different routes and distances traveled by the explorers, and you will also study maps of North and South America in order to better understand the land that was claimed by the early explorers.

Throughout your research you will write journal entries from the prospective of the explorer you chose, in an attempt to understand more fully the life of that explorer and the feelings and thoughts involved in early exploration. The end result will be a completed journal, made to look very old and worn out, detailing the life and travels of the selected explorer as well as a short biography and maps of the acquired land. The completed journals will be shared with the class in a presentation along with being placed in the classroom so that other students can take a look into the lives of the different explorers as well.