by Deborah Fagnan, St. John's Academy


The Beginning...



My name is Carla Christine Jensen.  I was a passenger on the titanic along with my fiance, my brother and my cousin.


     The three of us were moving to Portland, Oregon by way of the Titanic.  The largest and safest boat in the world.  My husband, brother and cousin were going to be carpenters in Portland.  You see my fiance was a gifted carpenter.  He had such a beautiful way of crafting wood!

     But all of this changed in a matter of hours on April 15, 1912 when my fiance, brother and cousin were taken from me.  My life was never to be the same again.

     I am writing you this letter hoping you will help me to punish the people who were responsible for ruining my life and the life of over 1500 people who died on the titanic.