by Deborah Fagnan, St. John's Academy


Hello, my name is Clara Johnson.  My husband and I own New Jersey Realty Agency.  We help families find homes in the surrounding towns of Hillsdale.  




Last week we received a letter from a woman who lives in the most northern end of Canada, in the Arctic region.  Her name is Celina.

Celina and her husband Nigel,  and two children are moving to New Jersey.  They have never lived anywhere but their small village.


They asked my husband and I to research the different counties of New Jersey.  They would use this information to help them decide where to move.  We want to help them but really don't have the resources to do it.


We heard that the students at SJA are excellent researchers.  We would like to offer you a job. If you are interested in helping us, click on the task bar for your instructions.

God Bless,