by Joline Dawson, Donagh

Electricity powers many things. What is it? How does it work? As you explore this webquest you will learn the answers to these and many more questions about electicity. This webquest is an interactive site for 9th graders that explores the basics of electricity. After exploring this webquest, you will learn what electricity is, the different types of electricity as well as safety rules involving electricity. Good luck exploring and have fun!





It was a dark miserable stormy night. The thunder was booming and lightning crashed. The power just went out so you grabbed your flashlight to see what was going on. As you pushed the on button you heard a strange noise, but nothing happened. You were still in total darkness. Why was your flashlight not working? Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from?  Why do we depend on it so much?  How does a light bulb even turn on?  You will be able to answer these questions as you learn about Electicity throughout this unit.