The Process

Step 1 - Research

Visit the following websites to research propaganda advertising and to get real examples of past creations:

1. Here are examples of World War II advertisements. While most of the examples are helpful, make sure to scroll down to the section entitled 'Propaganda'. What characteristics of these advertisements are common to most of the examples given?

2.  The following website explains the different types of propaganda - this may be helpful in helping to design your advertisements:


3. Here are some more examples of advertising techniques:

Step 2 - Advertisements

Do Now: Create an advertising campaign with the intention of changing the truth. Briefly describe your advertisements.  What is your intention? How are you going to alter the truth to benefit your objective?


Drinking soda ensures good health.

Video games create intelligence.

Using tobacco is not an unhealthy activity.

The government is protecting you.





Step 3


Assignment: Using software available in the Writing Lab, create TWO advertisements that use propaganda to promote your idea from Step 2. 

Step 4

Present  your advertisments to the class. Have you altered the TRUTH?