by Allen Hubener, Sacred Heart University

In this lesson a group of students will design a park, using public space for public access. They will take the project from conception through construction, and offer a final design and mock up to present to their classmates. All of the students will have to read and learn about the ADA guidelines as they pertain to public spaces. Consideration to these guidelines must be discussed during their final presentation.


You are  going to design a park for the community to use.  You will work in groups and individually.  Each group will have different sizes of open space to work with when designing your park.  You have the freedom to create the park with as many different activity and play areas that you can fit within your space.  Each member of the group will have a different responsibilities.  Your final creation must be fully accessible to everyone.  Please look at this Introduction Sheet while we talk about the project outside on the school field. 

Gazebo in a Public Park

Here are a few of many Web Resources you can use.   There are many more, I want to you search the Internet for information about Park Planning, Designs, and Images in order to get ideas about the size and scope of the project that you want to work on.  We will spend at least one class period in the computer lab so you have time to do some research. 

Look at how they Plan a Park in Washington State

Look at this, there is A Park Designed for Young Children

Have you ever thought about Making a Skate Park ?

Looking at these sites is required: 

The project for public spaces.  Look at some Images of Public Parks

Principles for Public Park Planning and Design  Organization for Good Park Designs  What is desirable?  Can a park win an award?

Learn about the American with Disabilities Act so your park is accessible to everyone!

            Laws you MUST follow to provide for those with Disabilities

Access for Everyone