Teacher Process


This webquest is directed toward fifth grade students and is in the time period of 1700-1750. This webquest may take students a few days to complete. It is definitely too much to do at one sitting. There are three involved tasks in this webquest which will take up a good amount of time for each one. I would say to spend one day on each task unless the students are not able to finish the task in one day. Otherwise, I would make this a three day webquest so the children can be fully engaged in their learning of Benjamin Franklin through this webquest. 

You only need to use a computer to read and go through the webquest. Otherwise the students will not need to use a computer. The supplies that they will need for the tasks are available in your own classrooms (you probably have a lot of the supplies), in the school building, or the principal's office. You will not have to buy any supplies for this webquest. The supply list is very simple.  If your class does not have access to a lot of computers, you may  use one computer for the whole class. Have groups go through the webquests at different times throughout the day if your school has a limited supply of computers.

A good way to divide the tasks among the class is to break the class into three different groups so each one is working on a different task in the webquest. That way you only need a certain number of supplies each day for the tasks and will not have to worry about splitting up the tasks among the class.

I hope your students enjoy this webquest and learn how Benjamin Franklin is an important human in the United States History. Enjoy!