5.2 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship


5.2.5. A. Identify individual rights and needs and the rights and needs of others in the classroom, school, community, state, and nation.


5.2.5. D. Identify specific ways individuals participate in school and community activities.


1.2 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Text


1.2.5. C. Distinguish between essential and nonessential information, within and across a variety of texts, identifying stereotypes and exaggeration where present.


1.2.5.E. Read, understand, and respond to essential content of text and documents in all academics areas. 


1.4 Types of Writing


1.4.5. C. Write persuasive pieces. Include a clearly stated position or opinion. Include supporting details. 


8.3 United States History


8.3.5.B. Illustrate concepts and knowledge of historical documents, artifacts, and sites, which are critical to United States History.


Learning Goals:


Students will read and interpret required text.


Students will write a persuasive letter supporting their need for a community service.


Students will research and identify Benjamin Franklin and his inventions.


Students will identify needs in their communities and plan a service project.