3 Mystery Stories

Students read and completed all three mystery story hand-outs with attention to detail.

____ out of 10

Scooby-doo Writing Guide

Students watched a full episode of Scooby-doo and answered all of the questions to the fullest extent.

____ out of 10

Mystery Elements

Students completed the Elements Guide and truly  utilized this tool as a guide to create their Mystery Story. All of the questions have well thought-out answers.

____ out of 10

Mystery Graphic Organizer

Students completes the graphic organizer with attention to the details

_____out of 5

Super Sleuth Partner Edit

Students completes the editing and gives detailed feedback to partner.

____ out of 10

My Mystery Story

Students completes the prewriting work for individual mystery story with attention to the details comprising this genre of writing

_____ out of 50


Members interact,  discuss and assist each other as well as complete joint task in a timely and productive manner

_____ out of 5



_____ out of 100