Task #1 

Your boss has required you to complete the following task ito be on your way as Lead Investigator

Please click on the following, download and print out the elements of a mystery: elements 


print (3) hand out for each story. You and your partner will be completing these handouts as you read the three mystery stories. 

Read the element sheet with a partner so you have a little background knowledge of some of the key elements of a mystery story.

With that same partner, please begin reading the following Mystery stories and completing the handout.

Mystery Story #1    Writer's Retreat

Mystery Story #2    The Case of the Ruined Roses 

Mystery Story #3   The Darkmaster's Challenge

Turn in your three completed handouts to your boss (teacher) when done with all three.


Task #2



Your boss has sent you another task, you are to watch one scooby doo episode and find the elements of the mystery. 

a) click on Scooby-Doo  choose one of the full episodes and watch from beginning to end. 

b) print out Writing Guide and complete as you are watching the Scooby-Doo episode

c) hand in to your boss (teacher) when edited and completed 

Task #3 

Your boss has given you one last job: create your own mystery story! 

1) Please print out the two required sheets: 

Mystery vocabulary 

Mystery Elements

After reviewing over the vocabulary, please come up with the foundation for your mystery story. Gather your thought and record them using the Mystery Elements worksheet. Share with a different partner to review over your Mystery Elements Worksheet. Please make changes from your partner's feedback!!


2) Now its time to print out your Mystery Graphic organizer 

After fully completing this graphic organizer it is time to write your rough draft! This rough draft should be at least 2 full pages long with all of the elements of a mystery. 


3) Now its time for you and your fellow detective to swap stories and play detective using the handout, Super Sleuth.


4) Revise your mystery by using the comments of the Super Sleuth hand out. 


5) Now it is time for you to finally compose your Mystery story!!!! Please make sure all spelling and grammar is correct before writing the story in pen or typing. Please print out, Mystery Template